Electric Offer

Restoration, repairs and modernization of machinery and electrical equipment.

The company has well equipped workshop, which enables us to carry out repairs and overhauls of electrical machines of low and medium voltage - up to 10kV (made by all manufacturers in the world), oil and dry transformers, magnetic solenoids, control and distribution equipment, spare parts for these machines.

1 Motors and Generators


Motors and Generators, DC, power from 0.1 kW to 5 MW, including:

metallurgical main drives

converters for the machines

drives of the mine extracting machines

traction machines

Motors and Generators, AC,  low and medium voltage - up to 10 kV, with a power of 0.1 kW to 10 MW, including:

compact motors and ring motors

motors for lifting equipment

EKO-ENERGIA would like to meet the expectations of the customers, so we have the ability to make a repair in our own workshop or on site at customers’ premises, which greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of repairs. Repairs may include the following actions:

diagnostics of machines

repair or rewinding of the coil

exchange or legalization of the track shaft bearings

exchange or legalization heads rings or commutators

replacement of bearings or pouring out and fitting of the sleeves

regeneration of the studs and the half-couplings

repair or replacement of the brushes

dynamic or static balancing

technical consultancy and advice

In addition, EKO-ENERGIA basing on experienced engineering staff can:

conduct training at the customers’ premises

carry out upgrading works such as upgrading insulation system, changing the parameters of the power supply,  installation of temperature sensors, modified bearings and other services -  on request.


On customers’ request, we offer:

coils for DC motors

coils for AC motors of medium voltage

coils for electromagnetic catchers

coils for electrical apparatus

commutators and heads


2 Special machines

Within this group of EKO-ENERGIA performs maintenance and repairs of:

amplidynes and Schrage-Richter engines

encoders and tacho-generators

rotating welders and generators

stepper motors


3 Transformers

The workshop ECO-ENERGY are performed maintenance and revisions of wet and dry transformers with a capacity of up to 6 MVA and voltage of 10kV. Offer applies to power transformers and special (eg arc furnaces). Repairs may include the following steps:

diagnostics and oil analysis

rewinding the transformer

levelling  of the core and repair of the tank or heat sinks

repair of tap changers

oil regeneration

replacement of insulators and seals

technical consultancy


4 Electrical devices

In this section EKO-ENERGIA performs maintenance and repairs of:

dry or oil glands

welding rectifier transformers

welding transformers

magnetic transducers and amplifiers

inductors for induction heating

releasers and electromagnetic clutches

electromagnetic separators and plates

electromechanical automation components

electromagnetic catchers

EKO-ENERGIA also performs inspections of machinery and electrical equipment directly at the client, at the place of theirs installation. The work is being carried out by personnel with many years of professional experience and relevant qualifications and equipment.


5 Electronics for lifting equipment

EKO-ENERGIA meets the needs of the market in its offer  with a wide range of services for the cranes. We repair, renovate and modernize the electrical part of all types of cranes. We use modern solutions for control of overhead cranes using frequency converters, radio control systems, and power supply for overhead cranes using busbars. We also make applications based on traditional systems of control that is controllers, cassettes and retaining control systems, speed control various mechanisms. (For the range of mechanical scope see our services in Mechanical & Media Offer item 10)

We can execute  all the elements needed for efficient and safe operation of the crane, in particular:

contactor cabinets

control systems for the cabs from local pulpits

regulation and start up resistance systems

electrical installations for the cranes

fully furnished cabins with assembly

For the above mentioned tasks our company has the appropriate permissions issued by the Office of Technical Inspection in Krakow. We also provide maintenance and periodic inspections under the provisions of the UDT, preparing cranes to periodic inspections of UDT, including measurements of shock protection.


6 Installations and distribution stations

In our offer you will also find the work connected with installations and execution of assembly and services and maintenance of the electric infrastructure facilities, including proposals for modernization. As part of this work we perform:

Internal electrical installations for power supply and lighting

Power cable lines

Modernization of medium and low voltage switch gears

Power supply for overhead cranes and other mobile receivers, using busbars

Installation of automatic control and signaling systems

Anti-shock protective systems and anti-lightning systems

Data communication networks

We provide servicing for the switchgears, apparatus and equipment under permanent contracts with the customer. EKO-ENERGIA supplies the execution of the periodic reviews of protective measures and other work resulting from bilateral agreements.


7 Diagnostics and measurements.

Due to Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2008 Company should fulfill high requirements concerning the diagnosis and measurements. As part of this specialty our company performs:

voltage tests up to 30kV

study of active iron sheets (package)

detection of coil faults

resistance testing and measurements and assessment of isolation by the method described in Appendix A of the PN-E-4700 1998 (method of prof. Glinka)

temperature measurements

vibration measurements with an analysis of the frequency spectrum and determination of the bearing state

testing with infrared camera

measurements of the anti-shock protection and lightning protection

dynamic balancing in own bearings - on-site service

diagnostics of the centering

dynamic balancing on the balancer SCHENCK of the following  parameters:

- Mass of the symmetric - from 30 to 7500 kg,


- Mass of the non-symeteric element - from 30 to 6000 kg,


- Max diameter (1) of the element - 2500 mm over a length of 800 mm,


- Maximum diameter (2) of the element - 1900 mm over a length of 4000 mm,


- Maximum diameter of the supporting pin - 360mm,


- Minimum diameter of the supporting pin - 25 mm,


- Max diameter of the handle - 380 mm,


- Max spacing on the supports - 3800 mm,


- Maximum length of the element together with the shaft - 4000 mm