Installation of air-conditioners and servicing

We supply, install, make overhauls and servicing of the air-conditioners:

-          With exchange of the cooling media

-          With fumigation, cleaning

Above concerns of all manufacturers, well known as air-conditioners suppliers, as well as ventilation and chilling equipment. We are authorized servicing company for Sinclair products.

We have experience in designing and supplying of cooling installations.



Our priority is protection of the environment and the implementation of new technologies. We are constantly adding new items to our offer, guided by the needs of customers and the market, placing particular emphasis on the quality of the completed tasks. For this reason, we started to develop a department dealing with Ventilation and Air Conditioning issues, which resulted in production of industrial air conditioner JCE. Currently, based on many years of experience gained in the installation and servicing of air conditioners recognized manufacturers worldwide company offers a range of air conditioners JCE, which differ in performance and design

Klimatyzatory JCE  

High quality industrial air conditioners JCE, which are being produced by our Company are designated to work continuously in ambient temperature up to  65oand with high dustiness around. Air conditioner is designed as a monoblock, painted into green by powder painting. It is possible to split the block into the two modules, in the distance of up to 15m and with the level difference up to 10m, and it doesn’t influence on cooling efficiency. Air conditioners JCE are filled up only with ecological-cooling-media. We have designed this equipment to be implemented in so called “heavy industry”. They can be installed in the overhead crane cabinets, hoists cabinets, motor-rooms, control-rooms or server-rooms.  Our air conditioners successfully operate in the steel plants and different production companies, in the whole Poland.

In order to increase the cooling efficiency at higher ambient temperatures, we changed in our prototype injection system to the evaporator. We also have built in an electromagnetic filter, which eliminates the electromagnetic disturbances in the power supply.

In 2012 our product have been tested by COCH (Central Cooling Department in Cracow) and it had gained positive opinion.

For the special wish of our Customers we are able to produce also the air conditioners with higher efficiency and required dimensions.

Devices may be delivered with, or without, installation at their place of operation. Our servicing engineers will advice where and how install the air conditioners to reach best effectiveness and the most optimum operation. In case the Customer makes installation by himself, we may take part in start up and regulation of the operation parameters

In case of interest we propose to contact us and we may organize a presentation of our product or share an example product for a while to check it at your own premises, if it works professionally.

Below you may find technical data of series JCE

We supply our Customers with delivery, professional installation at the place of the operation, an than warranty and after-warranty service.

Technical data

JCE 03

JCE 07



Cooling power (kW)



7,5 – 9,5

Automatic reg.

Heating power kW





Co /max ambient temp.


difficult operation conditions, dustiness

Co/range of the temp.

10-25 C


m3/h/efficiency of the air


adjusted by service

kind of cooling medium

R134, R404, R407, R410, R507

acc. to requirement

Power supply



current protection


















vertical version version with splitted modules
internal external
Type     or internal unit produced by KOBOL or other type  
JCE 03 1005x770x1480 1005x770x880 1005x770x600
JCE 07 1005x770x1480 1005x770x880 1005x770x600
JCE 09 1005x770x1480 1005x770x880 1005x770x600